Chasing Morgan

New music video for our song “Well Worth It” check it out and share it with your friends! 

She doesn’t know what i know but i don’t know if she knows that i know if she don’t know what i know, i don’t know. 

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Backroads off our EP “Post-Haste

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If you like pop punk then I suggest listening to Chasing Morgan. I saw them on warped roadies and they are actually really good. Go listen.

Would you ever have someone sing in one of your songs even if they weren't in a band?

Yeah we’re definitely open to it


Give them a listen.


So stoked that my buds Chasing Morgan were featured. If you go back and watch their set, you can see me multple times. Burgandy Major League shirt, backpack, snapback, and my LONG ass hair haha.

Anyways, Ive been fortunate enough to see them progress as a band, they’ve come such a long way….


Seeing Chasing Morgan on Warped Roadies is so cool. Local scene represent! May have geeked slightly when they actually started playing hahaha


Chasing Morgan - Rememberance

Cleaning my room, I found a sticker with your band name on it. Never heard of you guys before, so where did this mysterious sticker come from?

Were you at any of the dates of warped tour this summer?

Download our new EP “Post-Haste” for FREE on our bandcamp page!

Download our new EP “Post-Haste” for FREE on our bandcamp page!

New EP “Post-Haste” Out Now!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Our New EP “Post-Haste” is now available on our bandcamp! It’s set on “Name your own price” so you can download it for fee or give us a buck or two for it if you want to. Either way we are really proud of this EP and we hope you guys enjoy it!

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